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Our Story

Bahrain Maritime Sports Association was born out of a necessity for the exclusive folks of Bahrein to have a place where they could wind down and relax, and out of the great vision of the founder Shikh Khalifa Ben Abdallah Al-Khalifa. Initially founded in 1983, we soon rose to become the most beloved Sailing Club in the area. Please read below for a full understanding of our history and our mission.

Since founded, BMSA takes great pride in its exceptional activities and fine amenities. Since we started, the Sailing Club has undergone a significant expansion and renovation of its facilities in order to upgrade the experience for members and guests. We are committed to meeting and surpassing the needs of our valued team members and the teams coming from all over the world.

Bahrain Maritime Sports Association was founded with one mission in mind: to serve the community of Bahrain and all its needs, and to go above and beyond to provide even more than what's expected. As a matter of fact Bahrain sailing team is now recognized as one of the best teams in the gulf and arab countries with a history full of titles winning.

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