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Bahrain to host SSL Gold Cup Final Series 2022

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From October 28th to November 20th 2022, the Kingdom of Bahrain will host the Final Series of SSL GOLD CUP 2022, the first Football World Cup… in Sailing. The SSL GOLD CUP, a World Sailing Special Event organized every four years by the Sailing Athletes Foundation (SAF), is “THE” ultimate challenge between sailing nations to crown the World Champions, a first in the sport’s History.


The Kingdom of Bahrain has been proactive to host international Sport events including F1 Bahrain Grand Prix since 2004, Asian Cycling Championships 2017, the Amateur MMA World Championship 2017, 2018 and 2019.


The SSL GOLD CUP Final Series 2022 will be the first World Class Sailing event to take place in Bahrain since the Military world sailing championship 2010 and the Kingdom Match Race 2021. The new development project Water City Garden, in front of the iconic Manama City skyline, will welcome the event. 


Like the World Cup in Football, the SSL GOLD CUP gives a singular equal opportunity challenge for all the 40 teams, who race on the exact same boat, the SSL47, a 14-meter performance racing boat, handed by the organization. 


These 40 teams include the World’s Top 23 Sailing nations plus 16 teams coming from the Qualifying Series (organized from May to July 2022) and the host nation, SSL Team Bahrain. Local champion Abdullah Janachi is appointed Captain of the « Sharks », the nickname of the team.


Like the pinnacle event in Football, each team will be wearing the colors of their nation and their emblems. Each team includes 11 athletes including Olympic Champions and Medalists, Olympians, World Champions from all in-shore Sailing classes. 


Amongst the best sailors in the World, we find Ian Williams and Sir Ben Ainslie (SSL Team GBR), Tom Slingsby (SSL Team Australia), Robert Scheidt and Martine Grael (SSL Team Brazil), Anne-Marie Rindom (Denmark), Xavier Rohart (SSL Team France), Taylor Canfield (SSL Team United States), and many more.

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